Luxury For Your Home

Everybody wants to have a luxurious house for themselves because, why not? Luxuries help you to have a comfortable and cozy private space all by yourself or you may share it with your family.  Even in the house each family member also has their own personal and private space called their bedrooms. As time is passing by people also want to have their own private bathroom. In the early days, family members use to share a common bathroom. They would wait in line in the morning to get done with their morning routines. But, now when they wake up they want to have their own private and personal bathrooms. That is why in new houses if builders have enough space to built they would surely build more rooms with bathrooms if they don’t they have fewer rooms with private attached bathrooms.

This time the things we keep in the bathroom are also changing. Like in old times there was no concept of having cheap floor tiles in Sydney. Then when the bathroom vanities were invented they used to be fixed and fitted with the walls of the bathroom The freestanding bathroom vanities were also  invented so now today we have

Fixed and fitted bathroom vanities

Freestanding bathroom vanities

Each type of bathroom vanities has its pros and cons. The freestanding bathroom vanity is good for a small bathroom because it serves the purpose of storage, give the bathroom an open look and it gives the bath a luxury look because it looks like furniture. Then It is easy to handle as well in small bathrooms. For big bathrooms, fixed bathroom vanities are better because it lessens the space to clean.

Then the other luxury we use is a bathtub. Of course, there are two types in bathtubs as well.

Fixed and fitted baths

Freestanding baths

Both have their pros and cons but if we look according to space available for us the both can make a huge difference. Like if you keep a fixed bath in a small bathroom it will make look and feel further congested but if you keep a freestanding bath in a small bath bathroom it will give it an open looking space. Just the bathroom vanities we talked about.

Lastly, the kitchen tiles, they are actually a quite important thing we are talking about. Like if people don’t get tiles all over the house they at least have them in their kitchens and there are several reasons as well because kitchen is normally in an open style so it must in a presentable condition and you can’t have carpet in there because there is a contentious use of water and oil and all kinds of wet stuff. So, if something falls on the carpet it would be extremely difficult and painful to clean it. So, instead of having the kitchen tiles is a better option because they are easy to clean and maintain.