Pros And Cons Of Timber Flooring

What is Wooden flooring?

Timber is basically a natural product or in simple words it’s a type of wood. The modern trends have also changed the demands of different people. They want to build a house with the most expensive flooring. Right now, there are a lot of options and the most popular one is timber flooring. It has become very famous flooring type because of its pros. If you are looking to install fancy flooring in your house, you can consider this flooring method. 

Pros of installing a wooden flooring 

1: It looks premium

You might have seen wooden flooring in some of the famous theme homes. The look and the feel of such floors grabs the attention of people. If you want that same feel in your home, then you can go for wooden flooring in Perth option. Get it installed by a professional and you will love walking over it.

2: Easy to install:

Compared to other flooring methods, wooden flooring is quite easy to install. If you have installed some other type of flooring, you can easily install wooden flooring. This is because it’s not that complicated to install. Even a novice person can install wooden flooring on flat surface. It comes in several sizes which you can buy according to the size of your room.

3: Convenient to walk on:

Floors are designed so that people can walk on them easily. Their convenience also matters as people can have difficulty walking on some floors. Take the example of marble flooring, it is quite hard. It might be durable but at the same time it’s not that convenient to walk on. If you like to dance, then wooden flooring is the best option for you. Its smooth surface will provide you that grip and you will be able to dance easily. So, whether it’s dancing or walking, wooden flooring is ideal for both of these scenarios.

Cons of installing a timber floor

1: Can be expensive

Not everyone can afford a wooden flooring because of its price. It is very expensive, as it is made from pure wood. Timber is not that cheap, making its blocks for flooring is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, this is one major con of this flooring material and so far, only people who have high budget for building a house can install timber floor.

 2: Makes clunky sounds

We all know that wood is a solid material and it makes noise when we hit it by any stick or something. Our footsteps, when touch a timber floor, a certain sound arises. It may not be an issue for some, but it’s there and you cannot ignore it. So, with all those benefits you have to live with a few cons.